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eBook: The Time Writer and The Chase (Book 5)

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Reading Order

Prequel: The Cloak

Season 1 (1750s Virginia)

Book 1: The Notebook

Book 2: The March

Book 3: The Hunt

Season 2 (1690s - The Golden Age of Piracy)

Book 4: The Escape

Book 5: The Chase

Book 6: The Surrender (Summer 2024)

Beware of doorways through time… and the English

House? Check

Cat? Check

Husband? Nope!

Henry Spencer traveled through time to sail with the crew of the Fancy in 1695, and Amelia is determined to find him.

Amelia Spencer, a 21st century time traveler devises a plan to travel the Mediterranean in search of answers to time travel. What do Ancient Greek temples have to do with 17th century pirates? Nothing! No one said she had the best ideas.

A prized treasure fleet lingers on the horizon, and the crew of the Fancy will team up with pirates and privateers to capture the ships and hopefully retire to a tropical island sipping fruity rum drinks. The English and the East India Company won’t settle until the men of the Fancy are brought to justice.

How will Amelia find her way back in time to rescue Henry Spencer from the life of piracy?

If she does find him, will he want to leave life on the high seas and settle down with Amelia and Starboard?

How will the crew of the Fancy escape the hangman’s noose and retire as rich men?

The Time Writer and The Chase is a historical time travel adventure, exploring the rise and fall of a pirate legend and the beginning of the Golden Age of Piracy, through the wit and charm of a Gen X woman.

Cheese and rice! The only thing Amelia wanted was to settle down and live a quiet life with Henry. The gods of time travel have a different plan for her.

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