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eBook collection: The Time Writer Season 1 Collection (Books 1-3)

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eBook Collection

The entire 1st trilogy for a fabulous bundle price only available through this shop! Join Amelia's time travel adventure to 1754 Virginia with exclusive bundle pricing.

Receive The Notebook, Book 1 ($3); The March, Book 2 ($5); and The Hunt, Book 3 ($5)

Bundle Set for $10!

The Notebook,The March, and The Hunt are available for immediate download.

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Reading Order

Prequel: The Cloak

Season 1 (1750s Virginia)

Book 1: The Notebook

Book 2: The March

Book 3: The Hunt

Season 2 (1690s - The Golden Age of Piracy)

Book 4: The Escape

Book 5: The Chase

Book 6: The Surrender (Summer 2024)

The Notebook

Beware of doorways through time… and the French

While on a routine research trip, author Amelia Murray walks through a doorway at an old fort and slips back in time to 1754, leaving her friends and college-aged daughter behind.

Taken hostage by a French military unit, her confiscated notebook, with the dates and locations of battles for a young George Washington, could lead to his early death and the demise for the future United States.

Amelia must escape the French, retrieve her notebook, and save Washington without changing the course of history.

When the door she traveled through won’t exist for another year, where will she find another doorway through time?

How is a modern-day woman going to survive in Colonial America on the brink of war?

The Time Writer and The Notebook is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring the beginnings of the French and Indian War through the wit and mindset of a 21st century woman.

The March

Beware of doorways through time... and not minding your business.

Author and unwitting time traveler, Amelia Murray, finds herself stumbling back in time to 1755 in Colonial Virginia. The colonies are on the cusp of the French and Indian War, and General Braddock and his troops are sent from England to defeat the French invaders.

Preventing the war, saving lives, and putting her nose into the middle of war plans is the least of her concerns. She needs to survive the streets of Alexandria with Bouchard, her former captor, on the loose, find her betrothed, Captain Spencer, and try not to get killed in battle.

How will she convince Benjamin Franklin to mind his business and help prevent the march by not providing equipment?

Can her relationship with Henry keep her in 1755 or will she find her way back to 2020?

The Time Writer and The March is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring 18th Century Colonial America and Braddock's March, through the wit and mindset of a 21st Century woman.

The Hunt

Beware of doorways through time… and a fool’s gold

Amelia Spencer, reluctant time traveler, has two goals: settle down with Henry, and get a cat. Hunted by Casper, Amelia and Henry tumble back in time to late 1755. Surviving Braddock’s March was easier than being hunted by a former so-called friend.

A drought has devastated crops throughout the colony. Attacks on frontier homesteads are on the rise. And Lord and Lady Spencer have a little problem with safekeeping their stash of Blackbeard’s treasure.

How will she keep her newfound family safe from enemies close-to-home and dangers on the frontier?

The Time Writer and The Hunt is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring the struggles of the Colonial Virginia frontier and the hidden treasures of the past, through the wit and mindset of a 21st Century woman.

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