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Paperback: The Time Writer and The Escape (Book 4)

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Reading Order

Prequel: The Cloak

Season 1 (1750s Virginia)

Book 1: The Notebook

Book 2: The March

Book 3: The Hunt

Season 2 (1690s - The Golden Age of Piracy)

Book 4: The Escape

Book 5: The Chase

Book 6: The Surrender (Summer 2024)

Amelia and Henry are back with a new adventure during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Beware of doorways through time... and the Spaniards.

Amelia and Henry thought they were done with time travel. A GenX woman and an 18th century man found each other, battled in a war with George Washington, traveled to modern time, and found Blackbeard’s treasure. All they wanted to do was settle down, get a cat, and lead a quiet life in modern-day Virginia. If you think that will happen with these time travelers, then you really don’t know them or the time travel gods.

Keep up, people! We’re going on an adventure.

A walk through a ship’s door and a rip in time, launches our duo to the 1690s and on separate journeys of survival and adventure. Henry joins a crew on their way to Spain, hoping it will take him closer to Amelia. What can a group of privateers do when a shady business deal leads to the crew to being sold to Spain? MUTINY! Joining a pirate crew, led by Henry Avery, and sailing around the world in search of fortune only takes him further from his goal of reuniting with Amelia.

Amelia’s mission to survive 1690s France and find Henry in Spain, takes her on a journey where she meets old friends and finds new ones. Her plan to make money to survive and help friends escape the clutches of a young Lord, sends her on an unexpected path through France.

Where will Amelia and Henry find each other in the past when pirates and fortune are keeping them apart?

When they can’t find another doorway through time, can they escape the past?

The Time Writer and The Escape is a historical time travel adventure exploring the beginning of the Golden Age of Piracy and the rise of a pirate legend. Oh! And don’t forget the trouble with French hats.

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